Jesus had passion, so I should be passionate right? I mean he wasn’t just passionate about us but EVERYTHING! He was excited to live his life- to help people and to save people. He knew what God wanted him to do and he did it. Well lets just say theres this girl who goes to West Chester University and she’s currently a BSED English major (secondary ed) and she gets this sudden jolt (which she believes is from God) saying to switch to plain old English and possible even dual-major in studio art. AHhh!! But all of these awesome ideas flooded my mind a few weeks ago. I have ALL of these ideas of what I could do with such a degree. Most of me is excited about this! But then the other part of me is scared. Scared that this is the wrong decision. Scared it will negatively impact my life. Life is more interesting without straight-up answers but at the same time it’s so hard! How do I know I’m not gonna screw up. How do I KNOW it’s God’s voice telling me to do it and do it now. I am very spontaneous so part of me is scared that maybe this is what God has for me but he wants me to wait. I guess if you were to ask me what am I inclined to do. I want to go to my advisor tomorrow and get my major changed- THAT’S how passionate I feel about this. Ughh, it’s seriously craziness but God usually uses that side of me to do awesome things. Maybe I should just follow my gut?!

Aiuto me! Honest answers… trying to sugar coat your opinion will not be helpful in this situation lol!


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I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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4 Responses to Passion

  1. dibart89 says:

    let me just clarify that I didn’t mean anything by “plain old English” haha

  2. erika says:

    dang girl! you know what you gotta do. at least its clear to me. step out – what do you have to lose? and even if it is just a gut whatever, and it isn’t what God wants you to do, then pay attention to that too. if on your way to the teach’s office (deans, whatevs, I don’t know the terms) something weird happens like something knocks you over and there are these funny little or big things in your way to stop you getting there – even stopping to chat with someone you need to – maybe that’s a sign you shouldn’t switch. but maybe somebody will say ‘yo dibart – you dual major in studio art and english?’ then that could be a sign too. pay attention to what God is saying through other people and through things. He is great, and will support you with whatever is next – and not to make it more complicated or anything, but sometimes He DOES let us choose and blesses us either way. 🙂
    you have dreams and visions for a reason. just sayin’
    love you lady!

  3. dibart89 says:

    and it’s supposed to be aiuta me i think…

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