What have we forgotten?!

Love is amazing. Love isn’t easy. Love IS commitment! I went out last night and it was very discouraging. Two of the guys that were there were just, it’s the truth, pathetic. One was giving up. His girlfriend has serious issues with herself- she’s very insecure. She is also a believer (I only hung out with her that one night so I didn’t get a chance to see the fruit of her faith but she says she thinks Jesus is legit) but I don’t think he is. When I was talking with him I said what she really needed was to see herself through God’s eyes. I know when I did that/ do that I see an amazing and beautiful creation. The truth- women are amazing, stunning, and captivating! The LIES- we’re ugly and fat, we’re hard to put up with so we’re not worth holding onto, we’re not worth it, we can settle. When I told him that he said- and I quote “don’t bring God into the conversation!” My heart was ripped in two, my jaw dropped, and I wanted to cry because he was just giving up on her- he was just gonna settle for being like every other guy! Well you know what if that’s how he’s gonna be then she doesn’t deserve him. Men should fight for women. This other guy by the end of the night was so drunk he could barely keep his eyes open and didn’t even understand that his girlfriend was embarrassed, disappointed, and sick of it. He’d rather get wasted than to be in the right state of mind to be able to spend time with her!

Where is our world going? I once heard from someone that she doesn’t say anything to her husband that would hurt him because she couldn’t stand to hurt him. She also said he does the same for her. I see how he is with her and it’s amazing! He values her, respects her, and he has always stayed with her and fought for her- LOVE is modeled in their relationship. I wish I could make a movie based off of their lives. I wish I could show everyone else that their concept of love is incomplete. It is lacking and therefore there is hurt, anger, and deceit. People just give up because they can’t take it anymore. I long for the day all relationships are like this!

Women- don’t settle for a man that is not going to love you: provide for you, be there for you always, romance you, BE WITH YOU! You must also treat him with respect and love him the same. You both should be on a mission to “out love” one another! However, this can only happen when God is at the center of the relationship- He is the one that provides blessing and grace for such a relationship to even be possible!


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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1 Response to What have we forgotten?!

  1. Sarah Rosington says:

    Nicole, this is amazing. And I needed to hear this more than you know! You are such an amazing woman and I love you to death! Don’t you ever change!!

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