Memoir I wrote for English class… check it out!

As the plane is ascending I descend. Lower, colder, nothing. I feel nothing. My feet massage the floor of the aircraft as their toes caress the earth. Their voices flood the fresh Australian air while mine remains clogged in public transportation 30,000 feet high in the blues. “You’ll never forget” they say. They say I will always have the memories to hang onto, but how can I trust mere memories? Memories lie. They tell you one thing happened, even if it is far from reality. I’ll just waste life away creating my own reality. My main project on this flight- make a mask.

Here’s the rest of it… but for some reason it looks a lot different than it did on the word document. So it doesn’t look as neat or cool as I would like but oh well…


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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2 Responses to Now?What

  1. Mom says:

    Nicole – this is absolutely, unbelievably, inspiringly amazing. You need to publish this. I was so incredibly moved reading this. You have amazing talent as a writer and have a wonderful way of expressing yourself as a believer. I am SO proud of you. Please consider publishing this. Talk to Reader’s Digest, or find some Christian journal where you can publish this. People need to read this.

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