Are you sure?

Are you sure you are working on things? Are you sure you’re above sin? I thought I partially was…

I’ve realized something. The reason Satan fell is because of his pride. Because of sin he loves no more than to teach us how to be like him. I believe every human being on this earth struggles with pride one way or another. One of the ways we feed our pride is by judging others. I always thought I didn’t have much of a problem with the whole judging thing. I hate it when I am judged and I make it a point to stay away. Then today I realized that I am not above it. God revealed to me through a friendship that has been forming that I am quick to judge and have become very good at covering it up, lying to myself, and believing that I actually don’t struggle with this particular sin. Whenever I think I’m above something it seems to be the exact thing that I struggle with. I thought I was above the sin of judging, I thought I had conquered it, turns out I have more to work on than I thought. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes!

If you think you’re above a particular sin, I’m gonna tell you to ask God to open your eyes because you may be deceived- why would Satan want us to identify the areas in which we struggle? He wants us to be consumed by our sin without realizing it! Ask the Lord to open your eyes and YOU open your ears… be willing to hear!


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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