I hate traffic. Working a half hour away from home and getting off during rush hour means that I park myself in the nearest McDonalds to ride out the stressful swarm of vehicles all rushing to get nowhere too important.

It’s got me thinking about the traffic in my life… my current, massive struggle in life has to do with just this. I feel like I need to be busy all the time. I feel that because I’m not in school right now and/or not pursuing any specific career that I’m wasting my time. I feel that I need to be on the highway moving at 70 mph to make any difference in this world. The Lord just told me that this is a FAT lie. Just by sitting here and praying I’m doing something great in the spiritual realm. Sometimes the way you fight against something is by doing the exact opposite. To fight this insanely busy, preoccupied, self-interested spirit that takes over so many Americans, sometimes you just have to do the opposite by sitting and doing nothing. Taking the time to think, meditate, listen to the whispers of the Father is SO important especially when we live in such a fast-paced society.

Prayer request: I feel like I’m wasting my time here, but I know that’s a lie. Please ask the Lord to wipe these lies out of my head and to provide clarity. I don’t know why I’m here but I know He wants me here. I don’t have a 5 year plan other than running after Jesus, I don’t have an education but the Lord is teaching me through the people I’m meeting and through His word, I don’t have a legit job but I’m living for Jesus and that’s more legit than any mere job I could ever have here in this world, and I don’t feel like I’m making a difference in this world (because I don’t have a job or a completed education) but that’s okay because I’m making a difference in the spiritual world. Ask the Lord to give me strength to pursue Him, ask Him to remind me that He alone gives me purpose and my life meaning.


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I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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  1. miguel says:

    …I will, (My english is not so good but I will try to say this), what have in common the people that we considered great men in faith in the Bible, when they had to pass a hard time, they just wait in the Lord, they knew that they could not do nothing with their strenght, but they trusted in the Lord, so they just were there, waiting to God to take care of them and do His will. I am not trying to say that you have to stay there doing nothing, just pray and wait, I am almost totally sure that you are not alone, I know that your family and friends are praying for you. I am writing to much I think, I dont want to waste your time (no to much at least… : ) …) I will pray because we all pass hard times and we are sons of the same father…God bless you.

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