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The Brave Heart

I watched Braveheart today. It’s impossible to watch that movie and not cry, not be moved, and not feel stirred up inside. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s a must see! William Wallace’s passion is contagious. I was replaying … Continue reading

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I really want to write but I don’t have anything (or don’t think I have anything) to write about. I didn’t do much today… just relaxed all morning and then went out for a bit. I went to church to … Continue reading

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He’s More Real

Jesus is more real than we think. I was watching Jonathan Mark McMillan’s radical video of How He Loves and I pictured Jesus standing in the background with the crowd joyfully jumping up and down, singing passionately, and screaming victoriously. … Continue reading

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Dry Like the California Fields

I feel dry like the California fields. I feel dry like the trees that kiss the sun while a light drizzle of rain tells them to stay far away from its fiery heat. I feel dry like the Mojave desert. … Continue reading

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Let’s Make a 180

Let’s make a 180 degree turn… repenting of our sin that has caused the death of millions of helpless, defenseless babies. I have always taken such a laid back stance on this problem but now I realize not only was … Continue reading

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Born For Greatness

If you haven’t heard of Jonathan and Melissa Helser, then you haven’t ever read my blogs. The Lord has used them to speak to me hardcore in the last few years… and they don’t even know it! That’s the beauty … Continue reading

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As I was reading this book called Desire by John Eldredge the Lord opened my eyes to something radical! The message that Jesus preaches was never for people who are content with where they’re at. Every single person that was … Continue reading

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