Let’s Make a 180

Let’s make a 180 degree turn… repenting of our sin that has caused the death of millions of helpless, defenseless babies. I have always taken such a laid back stance on this problem but now I realize not only was I doing NOTHING about the murders of these human beings but I was also violating a commandment given to me by the Lord. I was doing this just because it was more convenient for me to not be bothered with it. His word says that it is an obligation to help the poor and needy. These babies are so fragile that for 9 months the only safe place for them is in a woman’s womb and this DEFINITELY makes them qualify as needy.

If you haven’t seen it… 180movie.com. Give yourself a full hour to watch and process what you’ve just seen. It’s our wake up call. Church… time for us to stand up, put on our armor, and fight against this injustice!


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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