He’s More Real

Jesus is more real than we think. I was watching Jonathan Mark McMillan’s radical video of How He Loves and I pictured Jesus standing in the background with the crowd joyfully jumping up and down, singing passionately, and screaming victoriously.

Jesus is more radical than we think. Not only did He bear the burden of the cross, not only has He taken the keys back for us, He desires a relationship with us. He didn’t just do that one thing and say, “oh, okay well now that they’re saved I don’t really have to do anything else for them.” No, He didn’t say that. He wants to be involved in our lives the moment we accept Him as our savior, to the moment we die, and for the rest of eternity.

It’s amazing and refreshing to see Jesus this way. We always see pictures of how serious He is but I believe He is far from serious. Jesus was a sinless being which means He was closer to Abba than anyone else on this earth; sin was not putting up a wall. I believe He had every reason to randomly stop while walking and jump up and down with joy. I think He’s as weird, fun, and crazy as me. I think that when I have a moment where I just feel like being a complete goof He’s completely entertained! I think that when I’m feeling down He acts like a complete goof to make me laugh and cheer me up. I love our relationship!


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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