I really want to write but I don’t have anything (or don’t think I have anything) to write about. I didn’t do much today… just relaxed all morning and then went out for a bit. I went to church to hang out at this lovely seating area in the middle of a bunch of lovely trees. It’s my perfect getaway spot. One thing I miss SO much about leaving PA is that the place I was living at had the perfect spot to hang and relax right in the backyard. It was so wonderful and so convenient. Now when I moved out here I was concerned if I would find such a place. Would it be as tranquil as the backyard I had back at home?

I was sitting there just reading and randomly breaking out in song. No one was there… I really needed this alone time with God- desperately! I sat on the bench, I walked around, and I sat/stood on this great, magnificent white rock. When I looked at these white rocks it made me think about Pastor Marty’s sermon that he gave this past Sunday. He talked about the fortresses that God had the people create as safe places for people to run to. They were built with similar great white rocks and the people knew that while they were there, even though there was people out there that wanted their blood, they were safe there.

He talked about how we all need this safe place and how he believes we are to be such a place for others to run to. But what he also said was that while we are supposed to be these safe places we also need a safe place ourselves.

These fortresses/ safe cities were built with white rocks that reflected the moonlight so that no where in the nation could people not see one of these safe places to run to. We are to shine in the darkness so that people may come running to us for safety and this cozy little place with the white rocks was glowing and attracting me- leading me to a quiet, safe place where the Lord could speak to me in the quiet. This is my safe place to run to.

Ha… guess I did have something to say!


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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