The Brave Heart

I watched Braveheart today. It’s impossible to watch that movie and not cry, not be moved, and not feel stirred up inside. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s a must see! William Wallace’s passion is contagious.

I was replaying the scene in my head when William is tortured and murdered. He is hung by the neck. The man calling the shots says, “if you just surrender and submit to the king, all of this will end. You will suffer no more.” He doesn’t give in. They stretch his body in 4 different directions and drop him on the ground. The same man tells him that if he just kisses the symbol on his cloak and swears allegiance to the king then all of this unpleasant torture will be over. He doesn’t give in. They rip his stomach apart. This same man tries to lure him in again with sweet words saying this could all end if he just surrenders. After taking a good minute to gain some strength William screams “FREEDOMMMMMMM!!!” They have mercy on him and stop the torture- chopped off his head.

I can’t even imagine! I couldn’t stop thinking about that scene. Then I realized that that’s what we’re all called to do. We’re all called to pick up our swords and fight. We are all called to passionately and aggressively cling to our freedom in Christ. We are NOT supposed to settle for less. We are NOT supposed to submit to the enemy by walking through the wide gate. This wide gate is so appealing, so alluring, but we mustn’t be deceived. Robert the Bruce (soon to be king of Scotland) was deceived initially when he chose to listen to the not-so-wise counsel of his selfish, dying father. Robert made a promise to William that he would appear on the day of battle with his army to fight for the freedom of the Scots and his father advised Robert to betray William and side with the ruthless, merciless king of England. After being discovering behind enemy lines at this key battle for the Scots, William is stabbed by betrayal. Robert then toils with the guilt of what he had done for the next several years.

At the end of the movie, after William had already died in the name of freedom, Robert has another choice to make. He could take the crown for himself and do the best he thinks he can do, or he can take a chance, fight against injustice, and pray that he is fighting with the Lord on his side. He led his army into an unexpected battle that day and won.

Isn’t it amazing how our best NEVER compares to God’s best?!

He didn’t create us to sit back and relax, take the crown and some land, and remain ruled by the enemy. There are so many deceptively appealing aspects of walking through the wide gate; however this path leads to death. Our Daddy longs to give us life, He longs for us to have complete freedom from our bondage to sin in the name of His son Jesus Christ.

My prayer is that we might be a people that fights the battle. May we step up to the forefront of the battle, unafraid, suited up with the armor of God. May we fiercely run with the sword of the Word pointed directly at the enemy. When life throws things at us (loneliness, hostility, injustice, persecution) may we persevere by leaning on Jesus for strength. Right before he was to be tortured and killed, William prays to the Lord asking for strength. May we ask for strength every single day to stand firm on the Rock. May we not be shaken by the alluring words of the enemy. When the knife enters our stomach and we want so badly for the pain to end, may we depend on the Lord for the passion and strength to SHOUT out FREEDOMMMMM!!!!

Lord, give us brave hearts. We were made to be courageous!


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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