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I feel distant again!

Locked down in a splint again I fell, fell hard Bones broken and shattered, my heart scattered. Tossing the seeds of my heart On the road, among the thorns, In the rotting soil. Time to tend to the dirt Rejuvenate and nourish Dig … Continue reading

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We don’t really like rules. We tend to break laws because we don’t feel like following them, we don’t think they apply to us, we think they’re pointless and shouldn’t exist, or we simply just don’t care to abide by/feel … Continue reading

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I’m starting to find that God really values patience. I mean seriously… there is SO much waiting going on in the Bible. He’s waiting right now on the right time to send His Son back here into the world. It’s … Continue reading

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The Word

It’s interesting… when you really get into the Bible you notice how important it is to memorize verses. I’m reading Acts right now and am noting how many times I catch Paul quoting scripture. Also flashing back to the gospels … Continue reading

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I gnaw at my flesh to distract myself From the constant worrying that cripples And flings my judgement up on a high shelf; It sits there- gathers dust while it shrivels Up, foolishly allowed to waste away. One can hear … Continue reading

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