I gnaw at my flesh to distract myself
From the constant worrying that cripples
And flings my judgement up on a high shelf;

It sits there- gathers dust while it shrivels
Up, foolishly allowed to waste away.
One can hear a crackle and a sizzle-

It kisses the heat vent, hoping to lay
Down one day in the corners of my mind,
Hoping that I will submit and obey

For the Lord will guide and stay by my side.
Give it up to Him, then wisdom and sound
Judgement will take you on a wild ride,

A grand, epic adventure that is bound
To redeem fearful men of this world;
God intends to mend our souls like a mound

Of clay, sending our lives in circles- swirled
Into chaos that we might fall on Him
And need Him once again. I pray we’re hurled

Back into Eden. The effects of sin
Will no longer consume and won’t control
Us; Jesus’ blood gives us vict’ry, we win!

I gnaw at my fingers and scream, “Nicole!
Wake up girl! His perfect love casts out fear!
There’s no room for worry, let Him console

You, let His love wipe away all the tears
That your confused, worrying heart has spilled.
It is all about His perfect love dear!”

A habit can say much about one’s heart
And where his or her worship is going.


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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