The Word

It’s interesting… when you really get into the Bible you notice how important it is to memorize verses. I’m reading Acts right now and am noting how many times I catch Paul quoting scripture. Also flashing back to the gospels that I just read… Jesus was constantly quoting scripture; the disciples must have picked up on this because once they’re sent out as apostles they can be caught quoting scripture hardcore as well.

Every single time we utter a word from holy scripture, one of those flaming arrows (sent flying from the bow of the evil one to penetrate through our shield of faith) will stop before it even has a chance to touch our shield of faith, turn around, and will be sent hurling back to where it came from. The enemy will continue attempting to bring us down but every attempt will come hurling back at him and will ultimately lead to Satan’s ruin.

The arrows meant to pierce our faith and burn up our passionate hearts will backfire as long as we make use of our swords of the Spirit, aka the word of God (and utilizing the rest of the armor of God as well couldn’t hurt).


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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