We don’t really like rules. We tend to break laws because we don’t feel like following them, we don’t think they apply to us, we think they’re pointless and shouldn’t exist, or we simply just don’t care to abide by/feel like abiding by them.

It’s interesting to see what the psalmists think on the subject. Read the Psalms and see how many times the word “law” is mentioned. I would go through and count but I’m not much of a numbers person and don’t feel like spending 2 hours getting a headache to answer this question. I’ll go through one of the Psalms but if you wanna know then feel free to count through the whole book and let us all know! In Psalm 119 alone the word law is said 45 times… if you want to include all other related word such as His word, decrees, statutes, commands, and precepts the number shoots up to 146. Whoa! I’m sure I even left some out!! This psalmist (I believe it’s King David) definitely figured out how crucial His word is. It is impossible for one who says he/she is a believer to NOT follow His laws/commands/precepts/statutes. There’s a reason these laws exist. God knows that we need them as guidance. God knows that we need a reminder every day that we could never earn our way into heaven. No one can fully abide by the commands of the Lord without help and grace from him. These laws are a reminder that we need Him to live this life; we need Him to pour out grace on us so that we might enter into the kingdom of heaven through the cross. I may be able to live a “good” life and be a “good” person but how could my good ever even compare to God’s best? Through Him I can experience joy in it’s fullest every day. I experience joy, content, satisfaction, worth, LOVE, victory, confidence, and moreeee LOVE!


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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