I feel distant again!

Locked down in a splint again
I fell, fell hard
Bones broken and shattered, my heart

Tossing the seeds of my heart
On the road, among the thorns,
In the rotting

Time to tend to the dirt
Rejuvenate and nourish
Dig down to the good

Time to root my heart
Into something deeper
Allow the wellspring of life
to flow.

Time to ask the Lord
To mend my soul
Make fruitful the seeds in the good

He is faithful and only wants
What’s good for me
He’ll make the seeds

I forgot
To remove
the weeds.

He warned, He faithfully reminded
But I was so distracted
I was so caught up in
the deeds.

I feel them strangle
They so easily entangle
And suffocate these vulnerable baby

These weeds- their lairs and cheaters
Swindling back-biting
You weeds must leave and let the truth

Let the light shine so the seeds
May grow and produce
May they multiply by the fuel
of the sun.

And when the clouds come
When the sun is blocked
When all loving warmth feels

Let Your glory rain down
Let Your teardrops of LOVE
Flow in & with
the rain.

May I only sow and reap
What is good
Taking off the splint
Carefully placing the seeds down into the good soil
Praying Your teardrops of LOVE and the light of the sun will allow the seeds to grow
Allow the seeds to produce good

Oh kiss of heaven come
Upon my cheek
Hold my weary

I get tired of feeling Alone
I get tired of feeling Scattered
I get tired of feeling

Weed out the weeds
With your unfailing, never ending LOVE
Help me take the focus off of the
good deeds.

Help me put the focus on Your LOVE
Put the focus on the Son
Take it off tomorrow, put it on

Help me place the seeds of my heart
On good soil
Don’t let me forget to take out
the weeds.

Replace weeds with truth
You LOVE me
You hold me tight
You’ll never let me go
You’ll never abandon me


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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