Last night was SO encouraging! I hate performing my work in front of people… well actually I guess I hate the idea of doing it because I don’t think I ever have. The only memory I have singing in front of an audience is at my church plays. I’m just very nervous and shy when I feel vulnerable. I know this open mic night is a safe environment but I am still to afraid to read any of my stuff in front of a crowd.

Posting something in a blog is different. I think it’s not as intimidating because I’m not actually looking anyone in the face. Idk… what do you think? Is this weird or do you feel the same way?

Well anyway what’s awesome is even though I didn’t perform the second I got home from this place I started writing. I wrote and wrote and wrote… it was all amazing stuff too! I started realizing that what Jonathan David Helser said totally applies to my current circumstances. I am being hit with fear because the enemy can see my potential and it intimidates him. I’m not sure if I’m meant to write songs or poems… maybe both!

So I’m going to keep on writing and hopefully at the next meeting I’ll have the courage to ask the Lord to fill me with His love to give me the courage to perform. Any suggestions? Encouragement?


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I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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2 Responses to Fear

  1. Liz Mason says:

    Oh my, God will honor your humility. He is with you always, I know you know that. He didn’t give you a spirit of fear but one of love and power and a sound mind (2 Tim.1:7 paraphrased) I try to share words that encourage everyday. I often write on topics like overcoming fear and allowing God’s will to be done in your life. Hope you find some words of encouragement there. Post a comment to encourage others. Make sure you let me know how you do next time. I know you can do it… With God all things are possible!

    • dibart89 says:

      Wow Liz, thank you for that! I will definitely let you know how it goes. I’m not sure if I’ll make the next one or if I’ll have to wait for a month to attend because of work. Just checked out your page and it is incredible! Crazy how the Lord works… I’m completely unorganized and He has recently said that He’ll help me out but that’s definitely gonna have to change. So what a blessing it is that you and your blog have come into my life at this moment! Bless you and your ministry.

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