Are We Intentional?

How intentional are you? Am I? Are we as the Church, the beloved? Are we intentional about what words we allow to exit our mouths? Are we bringing encouragement or destruction? Are we greeting people with a kiss or a bite?

How often do you walk out the door with the intention of encouraging every person you come in contact with? How often do I strive to meet a lofty goal of encouraging at least, say, 30 people in a given day? How often do we as the Church, the beloved, encourage one another with a word that lifts the soul, empowers, and unleashes the love of God? How often are we intentional enough to ask the Lord for specific visions; asking questions like who are you going to touch through me and what do you want me to say and/or do?

Believe me, He’ll give you pictures. Sometimes it’ll seem highly unlikely that you could come into contact with someone that just moved here from China three days ago, but just trust that the Lord will have your paths cross. Ya know what… if it doesn’t happen there’s nothing to lose. God loves it when we try. Just keep practicing and you’ll learn how to hear His voice more and more clearly. Don’t be discouraged but rather be encouraged that He can and will tell you specific people He wants to minister to through you. Don’t forget about it! Maybe this encounter won’t happen today, but a week, a month, six months from now.

Keep a list somewhere of these visions He gives you so that one day when you sit down next to someone at the bar you’ll think “why do I want to talk with this person?” Well… God told you two weeks ago you were going to meet a young aspiring actor with medium length hair, a huge ego, and a star tattoo on his right hand.

Be aware of your surroundings because this meeting could happen in the most unlikely place (I know I always meet girls who need encouragement in the bathrooms. A simple “oh my gosh, your hair looks AMAZING… and paired with that lipstick, girl you’re rockin’ the house tonight” can change a girl’s night and maybe even her life!

Ladies, keep your eyes open in the bathroom because similar moments will linger before you for a short minute or two. If you get the courage to speak up you could make Jesus known in that girl’s life! Men, I don’t know what to tell you.. I only go into men’s bathrooms that lock, I don’t actually communicate with anyone surprisingly enough.).

Let’s be people that are intentional beloved.


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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