Baby, Wake Up From Your Slumber

There’s something about road trips that just put me right. The excitement doesn’t usually come solely from knowing where I’m going, but rather it comes from knowing that I’m gonna be in the car anywhere from 2-10 hours and I can SING AS LOUD AND OBNOXIOUSLY AS I WANT! It’s ssoo great! It’s interesting…. I love music sssoo much yet I haven’t found myself persistently trying to learn an instrument. It’s interesting…. I love singing ssoo much (sometimes I just drive for hours so I can sing nice and loudd) yet I haven’t found myself pursuing singing even just at an open mic night.

At the Pasadena International House of Prayer a week or so ago someone came up to me and prophesied over me that I will write songs of victory for artists. That makes me wonder…. might one of those artists be me?? Maybe the reason I’m hit with ssoo much fear at open mic nights (to the point where I pretty much refuse to perform) is because that’s one of the areas that I’m made for greatness. Maybeee just after this moment happened I found myself heading up to Bethel (you can google it… it’s in Redding) because I’m going to attend the school of worship or supernatural ministry. There’s a million things going on in my life right now and I don’t know where I’m going to end up or even where I want to end up but I give all of my worrying, fear, and stress to God. Papa, I don’t want it, you can have it.

So I’m going to keep on living and keep on doing random things like leaving at 4 in the morning (because I can’t sleep and was already up for 3 hours) to go check out Bethel. I’m gonna check everything out, work hard, pray persistently, and trust that you’ll clear the pathway for me. I’m exciteddd for life again… finally feel like I’ve completely woken up from my slumber… yay!!


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I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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2 Responses to Baby, Wake Up From Your Slumber

  1. get it. Road trips bring me to life too…like mad. Literally I wake up…my soul wakes up. I’m struggling to dedicate time to playing guitar…but what I can’t make in song has kept my heart screaming at others saying, “WAKE UP!!!!!”. I sometimes fear if I do start playing music I wouldnt scream at the random guy in starbucks as much about how much God loves him.

    • dibart89 says:

      The only thing that would change is you would sing God’s love over people instead of speaking it to them. I have a terrible memory when it comes to SSOO many things but I remember every lyric I hear. There’s something special about music. While it’s good to tell someone their Father loves them is ssoo great and so important, it’s also necessary for them to feel and experience His love. The first time I was hardcore hit with His love was when I was in Australia doing the Beach to Bush DTS, I was listening to a song. I’ve heard all my life that God loves me but the Holy Spirit used that song to pour the love of God into my soul (Inheritance- Jonathan David Helser sings and Graham Cooke speaks a bit). It was ssoo insane and I can’t even begin to describe everything that I was feeling/thinking. I was thankful, I was overwhelmed, I was excited, passionate, joyful, hopeful… wow, every good feeling you could ever imagine took over my body. You don’t have to play music to spread His love, that’s not what I’m trying to say. Just that some people understand and process things through speaking/listening, others through painting, and others through music.

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