Children trapped in human trafficking

I’m a part of an amazing organization called Zoe. This is their mission statement (taken directly from the website): “ZOE Children’s Homes is an international organization that rescues and cares for children who are sold, or at risk of being sold, into prostitution slavery; orphaned, or victims of other heinous crimes and abuse-worldwide.”

The website provides information that so many people try to hide themselves from. We don’t want to know that a young girl’s virginity can be sold for US$3500. We don’t want to know because I believe that we don’t know what to do. I’m literately crying right now thinking that a human being can be sold for a price when 1 Corinthians 6:20 says that we were bought at a price and that’s by the blood of Jesus Christ. We are His… not ever meant to be sold into the sex slave trade.

These insanely HUGE problems feel hopeless and overwhelming! But I’m telling you right now that there is something you can do! Contribute something as simple as $5 or bigger… $20, 40, 10… whatever the Lord leads you to give. I set a goal to raise $200 for Zoe but I don’t want to see the funds to stop there. I know that if every person that reads this sacrifices their $5 Starbucks for a $2 coffee a couple days in a row that MUCH more can be raised for these children!

Let us RISE UP and make a difference. You can donate on my page here. I can’t WAIT to see how the little bit that you contribute will make such a HUGE impact!!

Do you have kids? Make it fun! Contribute a dollar to the “fundraising for Zoe” jar each time they do an extra task for you for a month. Are you on Etsy? Donate 20% percent of your earnings for the next 5 months. Struggle with depression? Whenever I feel depressed I choose to do something for someone else and the burden is lifted. Although there is a certain time of the month (if ya catch my drift) where my emotions are running wild, I can choose to actively allow the depression to consume or grow me. Choose to make the yoke of depression a footstool into the backyard of the Father’s house of peace and joy.

James says that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone. Faith without deeds is dead (James 2). Your faith will increase the more you take your eyes off yourself and place them on our Father in heaven. Our world will get better little by little the more we give of ourselves and the more we pray. Really don’t have the finances? We are all capable of praying! Pray pray and pray some more that the Lord multiplies these funds!

Thank you SO much for reading through this! I hope you feel encouraged by what Zoe is doing and encouraged by the huge role you’re playing in this. God bless you! Have a beautiful day : )


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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