Where has the passion gone?

Just took a couple minutes to look through some of my posts. They’re not all grammatically correct and some of them don’t make all that much sense, but it’s cool seeing the adventure my heart has embarked upon since coming out to California. Sitting here I’m wondering whether I’ve actually taken advantage of all the opportunities the Lord has provided out here. I blogged once that I felt like He was leading me out into the desert to pull me closer into His heart. I wish I took more advantage of these last six months. I wish I let Him pull me in closer. I wish I let Him impact my life more than I had.

Reading thorough some of my posts I’m wondering where all of that passion has gone. Where did my excitement over writing go? Why did I stop writing about those sleepless nights? Why did my excitement for an adventure go? Where did my excitement for getting to know my Father more go?

I’ve hardly been in the Word these last few months. I was inseparable from the Word before… I was spending hours reading every day. Ughh… I guess every season of my life can’t be the same. Sometimes I’m going to slack off and I’m gonna learn something from it.

Jesus, you’ve got my heart; or at least I think you do.  I try to give it all to you and then I end up taking some of it back. I’m sorry.


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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1 Response to Where has the passion gone?

  1. ahamin says:

    Its alright to lose passion every once in a while, every writer has that difficult moment in his/her life, and its the right of passage in this world, otherwise, it will be meaningless, god stray us to see who has the will in his heart to find the path back to him, to know who is worthy.
    Keep the faith, the universe leads you to your goals if you really wanted them, you will go through the bad moments because it wants you to. There’s a reason for everything.

    Best of luck and try to lighten up 🙂

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