We’re all great worshipers

 “Worship.” Photograph. Duneland Community Church. 2012. 7 May 2012. (not sure if that citation is quite right but I tried…)

Some of us worship ourselves; some of us worship drinking; some of us worship sex; some of us worship drugs; some of us worship success and money; some of us worship our car; some of us worship our spouse/partner; some of us worship our children; some of us worship our friends; some of us worship clothes; some of us worship knowledge; some of us worship the mirror; some of us worship technology. We’re all great worshipers. 

We were created to be in relationship with Jesus Christ. We were created out of and because of love. We were created to forever worship our amazing Creator. However, most of us funnel this worship into other things such as all of the examples listed above.

We’re all great worshipers because we were created to worship; we can’t help but worship. The question is who or what are we going to give that worship to?

Jesus stands with open arms, desiring a relationship. He is longing for our devotion, our worship. To test myself I think of what I give most of my time to this week. I work about 40 hours a week, but I can still be spending all that time with Him, working for Him. Was I spending all my time at work worried and stressed out, or did I pray for the customers I served and did I model Jesus to my coworkers? Where was my head at today? This week? Did I spend more time going out dancing than reading the word? Did I spend more time with my boyfriend than I did with my Lover Jesus Christ?

Where are you putting your time? What do you worship? Most of the time it’s something “good.” Exercising is good, relationships are good, work is good. It’s when it is in replace of the Lord that it becomes a problem.

Lord, help me to put You first. Open my eyes to ways that I don’t serve you first; open my eyes to the things that I worship in place of You. Change my heart, pull it in closer to Yours, and mold it into a heart that makes you smile!


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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