Leaning on the Lord- taking the next step on the ladder

I haven’t blogged more than twice in the last two months. The funny thing is that I’ve had plenty of time, I think I’ve just been stagnant. I haven’t been tapping into my creative side at all these last few months and it’s been wringing me dry. Well I’m not sure what motivated me to get on here the last few days but I’m sure glad that whatever it is pushed me to be creative once again.

Any of you who read my last blog about the ladder and 2 Peter 1:5-8 might want to reread at least a part of it because you might need a quick refresher- this post is a sequel to the last one.

This image of a ladder helps me to take a lot more out of these few verses in 2 Peter. The last step I was at on the ladder was knowledge, now it’s time to move on to self-control. The problem is that I wanna do what I wanna do, when I wanna do it. I lack the strength to say no when I should say no and I lack the discipline that I need so badly in my life.

This generation doesn’t like the sound of that word- discipline. It sounds boring, overrated,
and they feel like it symbolizes the end of youth; however, discipline is FAR from all these things. Discipline does not tie chains to young adults’ wrists and hold them down.


It opens up rusty doors and allows one to experience life to it’s fullest. How will I fulfill my dreams and get to where I want to be without discipline? How will I live as loved without enough self-control to abstain from what will hurt and thwart my ability to grow into the person God created me to be? How will I learn to see myself as God sees me and see my future as God sees it? I have to allow the Holy Spirit to guide me in the way of discipline so that my rusty old door might open my life up to a whole bunch of new experiences.

This seems to be the step I’m hanging out at for the near future. I have to learn more about this whole self-control thing. I have to learn how to control and restrain myself so that I might flourish and do everything I can to bring God’s kingdom here on earth.

When I get there the next step on the ladder will be perseverance. I like the English Standard Version’s word choice more here- steadfastness. Once I learn self-control the next logic step is to live in a place of steadfast, unwavering loyalty, to my God. I can’t wait to experience this season of life where I am thriving and the Holy Spirit is just having a field day running through and out of my body into the rest of the world!

It’s funny, at this point taking the next step seems to get easier and become more of a subconscious fluid motion. Self-control to steadfastness, steadfastness to godliness, godliness to brotherly affection, brotherly affection to love. I could keep breaking each step
down but I don’t feel the need to at this point. Once I get past the fear and the struggle to discipline myself to keep climbing the ladder through the power of the Lord, it’s not that hard. Steadfastness will lead to godliness, godliness will lead to brotherly affection, and brotherly affection will ultimately lead to love.

Notice how everything is wrapped up in love.


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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