Beware- temptation slyly slithers into the heart

As he’s strutting his stuff, dominantly strolling through the garden, Eve walks up and says, “hey babe, that snake’s lingering around the tree again.”

“Really? He hasn’t overheard me any one of the times I’ve specifically instructed you and all the creatures to not eat from that tree?!” Irritated he strides through the mysterious garden where the forbidden tree dwells. It looks different than the others. God didn’t have to mention anything about it for Adam to know there was something special about this one.

“Hey punk, are you hard of hearing? You can’t tell me you didn’t hear me any one of the times I’ve warned Eve against touching or even looking at that tree! You’re a fool, your very life could be taken from you by being in such close proximity with it. You have no idea, none of us have any idea what this tree is capable of. We could merely just touch it and our lives could be taken from us.”

The serpent glares into Adam’s eyes. Adam can’t quite figure out what he is thinking but since the very first day his eyes caught a glimpse of this creature, and every time after that, his blood always runs cold. Something just isn’t right with him.

Shifting his cold, dead eyes from Adam to Eve he stops. Aha, I will use her. She’s the perfect one to deceive. She expects Adam to protect her and when he curiously and weakly backs off, she will try a bite of the forbidden fruit. She’s curious, trusts her man too much, and never heard directly from God herself that she must not eat from the tree of knowledge.

Pppsss, the serpent give a disturbing sigh as he says to Eve, “come here woman.” She inches forward as Adam slightly stumbles back, weary of the serpent’s creepy tone.

“I do not fear you,” she says.

“Hahaha” the snake sings a sly chuckle, “[pppsss] good, you shouldn’t be afraid. You have Adam and your God to protect you. Now tell me Eve, if God really told you to not look or even touch it  or you will surely die, how is it that you are looking at it right now and are still alive?” Quickly he tosses her an apple, triggering her reflexes and causing her to  automatically catch it.

She screams, immediately dropping it as her blood runs cold. “Why did you do that? I could have died!”

“But you did not die. If God said you would die if you touched it but haven’t yet perished, how could He have been telling the truth? You had full contact with that apple, Eve, and are still alive.”

He’s right. I don’t feel faint, I don’t even feel affected by it at all. Could God have made a mistake? Adam saw the whole thing and is astonished by it too. The serpent picks up the apple and reaches out to hand it to her. She looks at Adam and a hint of curiosity washes over his face. He hasn’t said no yet, I guess I can at least hold it since I already know that I won’t die from touching it.

Amazing! Adam can’t believe she didn’t die. Curious of what will happen Adam gives her a silent look of approval. If something goes wrong, I didn’t start it and I didn’t give her verbal permission. If something goes wrong I’m totally in the clear.

“Why don’t you just try it and take a bite?” The serpent’s lies flow like a bloody river off his tongue. “Go ahead, God is just afraid that when you eat it you will understand all. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil will give you wisdom beyond your wildest dreams. Does God not desire to give His children the desires of their heart? Why would He want you to have more wisdom like Him?”

He is right! I’ll take a bite unless Adam says otherwise. Slowly the apple inches towards her rosy lips and hesitantly takes the bite, then turns around and gives it to Adam.

Time flies by and sin now runs rampant in a once perfect world. Hugging his deceitful pride Satan came in the form of a serpent to prey on God’s beloved. Eve couldn’t believe that she fell for his dirty trick but even more, she couldn’t believe that Adam stood there the whole time and couldn’t gather the courage to stop her from allowing sin to enter into the world. Worst of all he even blamed HER for what happened.

“You were standing there the whole time and never said a word! God charged you to protect me and you didn’t obey! It’s not just my fault, it’s both of our faults!” Another fight between the couple runs wild as the serpent smiles. He’s done it. He tricked them and now they can’t even help but bow down to him and sin.


About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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1 Response to Beware- temptation slyly slithers into the heart

  1. mizzblonde09 says:

    This was so very awesome to read! I love how you have taken a story only given the facts from the Bible and made it more personal, more relateable. It really gives a voice to the story and how Satan gets in and deceives. Thanks for the post!


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