Take Action

Obviously my goal of posting every day in February didn’t pan out. In fact I didn’t even remember I made that a goal until my brother reminded me yesterday while we were chatting. I can’t access my internet at the house so going to Starbucks every day would not only get pricey (even though I just spend $1.50/$2 on regular coffee) but it would also become a hassle trying to squeeze that in every day. Sometimes when I get excited about something I over-commit (I’m sure you can relate, over-commitment is very common these days).

Before setting a drastic goal we need to be realistic. Is this feasible? Will I even see this through? Will it still be enjoyable a month down the road or will it become a burden? What I should have promised to myself was that I would blog a minimum of 5 times last month. If I exceeded that goal I would’ve felt great! 5 times is much more reasonable than 28 times (28 days in the month of February).

Kyle Idleman in his book AHA challenged his readers to take action in life. He left me with a statement to ponder, “here and now I…” and then I’m supposed to fill in the blank. This book primarily addresses spiritual awakening; Idleman frequently refers to the prodigal son and specifically highlights this man’s decision to take the ultimate walk of shame back home to his father (after spending his entire inheritance on booze and whores). Luke 15 basically says one day realized he made a mistake “and [so] he arose and came to his father.” He identified the issue, admitted he made a mistake, and immediately took action by going back home.

“Going back home” looks different for everyone. This man literately left home and had to walk back. I, on the other hand, have figuratively left home… in SO many ways I might add. There are certain things I need to do in order to experience happiness and joy. I need to be creative. I need to be outdoors. I need to be reading the Word. I need to keep busy.

After reading this book I conclude there are certain promises I need to make and certain goals I need to set; they must be realistic, yet challenging at the same time. The walk back home might be difficult because I’ve already established a certain routine, but it’s necessary.

161407So I’m going to grab my journal (and if you don’t keep a journal, today is a perfect day to start) and make some goals. I think I may have to post them somewhere in my house as well. Time to “git er done.”

In what ways have you wandering away from home to the “distant country” (as Idleman puts it)? Are you ready to take action?



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I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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