Removing the Veil- Here’s the Truth

Back again! I’m still trying to get some sort of schedule together so that I’m writing more often but it’s been a process.

Being fairly new to the “real world,” it is difficult when I find myself having to juggle these
newly founded responsibilities with blog time, friend time, adventurous hikes, and roadtriprelaxing days at the beach. Every year that goes by I find that this dance between responsibility
and the enjoyment of life is a lot like a slow motion, head on collision. It is a difficult figuring things out when I know that life is meant to be enjoyed but the only way to fully experience that enjoyment is by managing my life properly. I won’t be able to complete a creative project in a messy, distracting, chaotic house. I can’t put gas in my car without hard earned money. I can’t enjoy a movie at home with munchies unless I get shopping done and I won’t have clothes to wear tomorrow if I don’t get the laundry done.

I guess adulthood is easier for certain people than others. For the adventurous, spontaneous spirit it is a long, sometimes depressing journey. I wish I could tell people about how successfully (and quickly) I made the transition from adolescence to adulthood, but that just wouldn’t be true. I find myself attempting to prioritize only to ditch my plans because the beach sounds more fun. Once and a while that’s not such a bad thing but lacking the ability to say no when a more appealing opportunity arises is a problem.

I don’t know where this is going exactly. Sometimes you just have to be honest with the world. I LOVE my life. Learning how to live it is an uphill climb. I am by no means unwilling to make that climb, and I do understand the long term benefits that will come from persevering through the bad decisions and mistakes.

People often want to toss out some pep talk after a post like this but I really think this is how most people like me react to life. We’re strong so we learn, succeed, and thrive. We’re honest so we talk about it. We’re able to enjoy it even though the process is tiring and confusing.

So for those like me, let’s just keep on living. Let’s make the mistakes, have those lazy days that we regret, and abandon the schedule we try so hard to keep. Why? Because every time I fail I get stronger! Every day the TV or friends become priority over important tasks I get more and more angry! When the frustration and anger sets in it give me a greater desire to keep moving forward and the motivation to say NO next time to the distraction. A big thanks (no sarcasm) to the enemy who has attempted to destroy me by throwing some laziness and those diversions my way. They have become a footstool for my feet. Your feeble attempts of destruction strengthen my passion to have motivation, focus, and order be priorities in my life. Who’s with me?



About Nicole Marie

I am a child of the Creator of this stunning, intricate universe
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