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I dream

Every night I dream, every night I have visions of what my life is what it could be like. Every night when I dream, my life is great and victorious; an adventure consisting of soaring through the sky and dodging … Continue reading

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Where’s the oxygen?

Sinkin’ in the deep water surrounding every¬†crevasse¬†of the body can’t breathe was searching for a greater purpose now drowning in a sea of burden Sinkin’ in the deep water sneaking through every crack in the body can’t see don’t know … Continue reading

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Today’s the Day

It’s been a while… I plan to finish the last post I put up a few months ago, but for now I’m just going to start with this. Today’s the Day Woe to my broken state this fragile frame can’t … Continue reading

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Come On, My Soul

Stepping into the spiritual setting my mind on things above devoting my myself to prayer. Stepping into the supernatural running the race with perseverance daily learning how to guard myself with the armor of God. Stepping away from the evil … Continue reading

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Paint a Smile

The kind of love man can give paints a frown on my face because we just don’t know how to love we’re better at failing than we are at loving Jesus, Your love paints a smile on my face although … Continue reading

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A Million Questions

Maybe this gaping hole that’s consuming my chest will never be filled until the day I see Your face. Maybe this loneliness I feel will never be gone until the day I enter in through the gates of heaven. Maybe … Continue reading

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At His Feet

I wanna get as low as I can press my face down in the dirt feel your hug ride on the winds hear your kiss flutter with each cry of the birds. I wanna get as close as I can … Continue reading

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