Prayer Warrior

I long to be a warrior in prayer. I would beat myself up because I didn’t set aside a specific time each day to pray for an hour straight. Then I realized that it’s better to just be with God all day so I’m just constantly in prayer. So therefore I conclude I am a prayer warrior. If you need prayer for anything hit me up.


Also PLEASE send me words that you get and any advise/encouragement you have!


1 Response to Prayer Warrior

  1. lisa griest says:

    PTL! I remember prayers I prayed on behalf of you, even when you were still in your mom’s belly. And look how faithful God has been. Goes to show you how he works many times invisibly but ever so diligently, and always on our behalf. When I think of you, I have to smile, somewhat whimsically, as I reflect on God’s transforming power as I see it embodied in you. There is a great book on prayer that I want to recommend to you…a little heavy duty, but it’s a classic…and it sounds as if you’ve a lot of time! I just have to remember the name of it!! HMMM…It begins with an O, he was Swedish, I think, and it was written like 100 years ago (maybe)…I’ll get back to you, unless you want to try to google it. I bought it for someone on Amazon not too long ago.
    love you!
    Aunt LIsa

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