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Removing the Veil- Here’s the Truth

Back again! I’m still trying to get some sort of schedule together so that I’m writing more often but it’s been a process. Being fairly new to the “real world,” it is difficult when I find myself having to juggle … Continue reading

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Take Action

Obviously my goal of posting every day in February didn’t pan out. In fact I didn’t even remember I made that a goal until my brother reminded me yesterday while we were chatting. I can’t access my internet at the … Continue reading

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Raw Dependence

“… raw dependence is the raw material out of which God performs His greatest miracles.” Mark Batterson The Circle Maker I’ve come to realize that I can’t do very much on my own. Success has many definitions, but to most it … Continue reading

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Where’s the oxygen?

Sinkin’ in the deep water surrounding every crevasse of the body can’t breathe was searching for a greater purpose now drowning in a sea of burden Sinkin’ in the deep water sneaking through every crack in the body can’t see don’t know … Continue reading

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Today’s the Day

It’s been a while… I plan to finish the last post I put up a few months ago, but for now I’m just going to start with this. Today’s the Day Woe to my broken state this fragile frame can’t … Continue reading

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The Journey

This life is an interesting journey. Some people have it all figured out: they’re going to go to school for years to be a doctor, save lives, retire, and keep a garden. That’s awesome. Part of me wishes that I … Continue reading

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The Bittersweet Adventure of Selecting a Career

One of the number one things people 16+ think about is what career they want to pursue. By 16 teachers tell her that she should start checking out colleges. Certain colleges only offer specific majors and some universities are known … Continue reading

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